Vulfix 2235S Super Badger $99.00

Vulfix 2235S Super Badger $99.00

Vulfix 2235S Super Badger $99.00

The Vulfix 2235S is an amazing value if you are looking for a Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush at an unbeatable price. This is the exact same specs as the 2233S, but has a taller handle and larger knot loft and diameter.

This brush contains a 100% Super Badger knot [the finest quality of silvertip badger hair available] and a lathe turned handle that is polished to perfection. This brush is densely packed for the price point and has lighter to medium backbone.

Vulfix is the oldest shaving brush company around and has been manufacturing brushes for over half a century. Made in England, Isle of Man.

Overall height: 110 mm
Handle height: 60 mm
Knot diameter: 23 mm