Introduction to Wet Shaving Class

Stay tuned for upcoming class dates. If you would like to book a private class or curate a class of your own send us an email.

Introduction to Wet Shaving Class

Do you suffer from shave irritation, razor bumps, ingrown hairs or razor burn? Do you feel like shaving is a chore? And don’t get me started on the price of shave cartridges! Then you are in the right place. I too had the same problem, hated shaving and cringed every time I would need to buy new cartridges. Several years ago I discovered Traditional Wet Shaving and retaught myself how to properly shave using a Double Edge Safety Razor and I want to share this knowledge with you, so I am offering a class.

What You’ll Learn

  • Shaving History,
  • The Benefits of Wet Shaving,
  • Tool Review: Safety Razors, Brushes, Soaps, Blades and Post Shave Products,
  • I’ll teach you My 7 Steps to a Great Shave process,
  • Lather Building Demonstration,
  • Tips for your first at home shave,

I will also have Wet Shaving Starter kits for sale (Starting at $50.00), as well as some other awesome DE Razors, Soaps/Creams, Double Edge Razor Blades and Shave Brushes for sale.

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone looking to learn about Traditional Wet Shaving and how to work towards getting an irritation free shave at home.
  • Anyone who’s tired paying exorbitant prices for shave cartridges.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use classic shave tools like a Double Edge Safety Razor, Shave Brush and Artisan Shave Soap…. Your Grandpa would be proud.

So you have a choice, take my class, learn how to shave the old fashioned way, have some laughs and get some new shaving gear.  Or don’t take the class and deal with razor bumps and expensive cartridges.


WHAT IS THE COST?  $20.00 [Participants will receive a $20.00 credit to spend with us after the class].
WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?  Nothing, just yourself.
HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE?  About 1.5 hours.
WHERE IS IT?  Stay tuned for upcoming class dates.

If you would like to book a private class or curate a class of your own send us an email.