Shave Valet was born out of a common small city problem that people face when wanting to try traditional wet shaving. You go online, do some research and then have to order your new shave gear online because there is no dedicated store to shop at.

Shave Valet is perfect for the gentleman or lady looking to purchase quality wet shaving supplies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan right away without having to wait.

cut the hair off one’s face with a razor.
[ˈval-UT] [ˈval-AY]
a personal attendant, responsible for ones clothes and appearance.

About Shahan

Shahan Fancy Shave Valet Saskatoon YXE Saskatoon Wet Shaving Supplies

Hi I’m Shahan Fancy and I am the founder of Shave Valet.  Like many that have tried wet shaving,  I quickly became addicted to the craft.  I have spent countless hours honing my wet shaving skills and thought it would be a great idea to bring the best wet shaving gear to Saskatoon for those wanting to give it a try.  I keep a small inventory of the essentials and can sell you what you need.  I can help if you are in Saskatoon and area and need a new Double Edge Safety Razor, Safety Razor Blades, Shave Brush, Shave Soap, Beard Oil or would like the perfect gift for the person who has everything.  I believe everyone can achieve a perfect shave with the right preparation, tools and techniques.

About Donna-Lee


Hey I’m Donna-Lee Fancy and I’m the Financial & Inventory Management boss lady of Shave Valet.  I’m a lady wet shaver & an official sampler of all of our great products.  I’m currently using a Merkur open comb, Shark blades and Schăf shave cream.

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