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Is Safety Razor Shaving for you?

Traditional wet shaving has had a huge resurgence over the past few years and some experts say that there is still more growth for the industry as more and more people convert to safety razor shaving. If you have found this blog, it’s safe to assume that you are a bit curious about wet shaving and the benefits. Wet shaving isn’t for everyone, but here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you might be ready to take the plunge into this fantastic way of hair removal.


This is one of the most common introduction points into traditional wet shaving. Many people end up trying to find low cost alternatives to conventional shave cartridges, which often leads them to wet shaving. The big companies have controlled the market for many years, which is why subscription based services like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s have exploded in popularity. Those companies identified and came up with a solution to this customer pain point, offering lower cost cartridges at a fraction of the price.

Some end up trying subscription based services for a while and then end up eventually switching to safety razor shaving to avoid the monthly reoccurring costs. For example, with safety razor shaving, a person that shaves 3 times per week can get away with a one-time annual cost spending of $15 – $20 on blades. [1 blade per week x 52 weeks x .40 cents cost per blade = $20.80 per year].


Due to the huge costs of shave cartridges, people often end up using them much longer than they should. Rust is a common culprit of an improperly stored shave cartridge. It is not recommended to shave with a rusty blade, for obvious reasons, but the sunk cost of cartridges often has people taking chances and shaving with them just one more time to maximize their investment.

Safety razor blades are extremely inexpensive and even cheaper than subscription based services. Double edge safety razor blades cost on average .40 cents each depending on the brand and the quantity in which you buy them in. With this savings, you can use a fresh new blade each time you shave or you can choose to use them a few times, as an average blade will last for about 5-7 shaves. With safety razor shaving, you’ll never have to use a rusty blade ever again.



One of the best things about safety razor shaving is that you also don’t get the clogging of a typical cartridge razor. This is because there is no plastic casing around the blade for hairs to get caught in. This may not seem like a big deal, however it is a wonderful thing to rinse off the excess lather and hairs from the blade, allowing the blade to be 100% clean and exposed for the perfect shave. If you want to say goodbye to little hairs that get caught in the razor blade cartridges, a safety razor is the best way to combat this.


2a-IMG_1760@0,33xSince we are on the topic of plastics, it is important to know that most safety razors are typically made of metal or brass and have no plastics on the actual razor handle and head. The blade is a single piece of metal with no plastic encasing it whatsoever. The blades are also recyclable. Living a Zero Waste lifestyle is becoming more and more common and shaving with a safety razor or a straight razor is the a great way to eliminate plastics in your life. They say that Americans throw away over 2 Billion disposable razors each year. You can also get shave soaps or creams that come in metal tins which can be refilled or re-purposed. If this aligns with your values, the safety razor is the best eco-friendly shaving tool you didn’t know you needed.


Is shaving a chore? Would you rather not do it? Did you give up on shaving? What if you could turn that all around and actually love shaving? Don’t worry there is hope! For many wet shavers the process of using a shave brush, building a creamy and beautiful smelling shave lather and taking the time to shave with a safety razor completely transforms shaving into something they now love. Some even become addicted to this Zen-like way of hair removal. It is possible to love shaving with the right tools, process and technique. Many find that traditional wet shaving completely transforms a chore into something enjoyable.


If you are like many people that suffer from razor burn and other adverse results from shaving, switching over to shaving with a single blade safety razor or straight razor will make a huge difference. Many people get razor burn from multi-blade cartridges simply because running 3 or more sharp blades on one’s skin at a time causes major irritation from the blade exposure. Shaving with one blade and completing 2 or 3 passes is far less irritating to the skin.


Shaving with a safety razor can also help reduce or eliminate ingrown hairs. This is often because hairs can be cut below the surface with multi-blade cartridges because they are designed to lift and cut the hair, which is a key contributor to ingrown hairs. If you want to eliminate ingrown hairs, using a safety razor is the way to go. People are often amazed that they can get rid of ingrown hairs in a very short period of time.


For many, wet shaving is a way of preserving the past. The safety razor was invented in the late 1800’s and the thin double edge safety razor blade was officially brought to market in 1904 by King Camp Gillette and the design of each remains mostly unchanged to this day. Many people have endearing memories of their Grandfather, Father or loved one shaving with a shave brush and safety razor. A longing to stay connected to the past and the people of the past is one of the reasons many turn to wet shaving.


Even the smells of certain shave soaps, creams or aftershaves can instantly take one back to a simpler time and trigger fond memories of loved ones or people from their past. The olfactory is a powerful thing and wet shaving allows you to take your olfactory on a journey.


If any of these questions resonated with you, then you may be someone who would really enjoy shaving with a double edge safety razor. This process does take a bit more time to shave, but is completely worth it in the long run. The added time required is well worth the benefits of cost savings, irritation free shaves and the opportunity to transform something that you once hated into something you’ll love. If you are in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Area and are interested in chatting about wet shaving or taking one of my Intro To Wet Shaving Classes, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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