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How Wet Shaving Led me to a Path of Mastery

I know many traditional wet shavers get a bad rap for being addicted or even obsessed.  They discover the craft, get an irritation free shave and then begin to collect every shave soap, cream or razor known to man.  I know some even joke around about having some of the following self-diagnosed shave disorders when they surrender to this new craft.

AD – Acquisition Disorder
RAD – Razor Acquisition Disorder
SBAD – Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder

While I “may” have suffered from a few of these disorders, I do find them to be quite entertaining.  I also think there is something much deeper going on.  In a previous blog I discussed how wet shaving unlocked and put me on a path of Mastery that I had been missing in my personal life.  Yes, I love the “Zen” aspects of shaving, but for me it comes down to a path of Mastery and not Addiction.

Let’s look at Addiction for a second reflective to my traditional wet shaving journey.

The Four Stages of Addiction are Defined as:

  • Experimentation  (Me:  I’m in!)
  • Regular Use  (Me:  I shave almost every day, sometimes whipping up lather twice a day for “testing” purposes…yeah “testing” purposes…)
  • Risky Use  (Me:  It’s true, I have shaved once or twice without a styptic pencil within an arm’s reach… now that’s dangerous.  PS – I don’t recommend this, always have a styptic pencil close by!).
  • Dependency  (Me:  Yep, I mail Safety Razor Blades in advance to my office when business travelling so I can carry on… Is this Dependency or just Proactive?)

The path to Mastery is Defined as:


Now let’s flip this whole Addiction thing and look at Mastery reflective to my traditional wet shaving journey.

The Five Keys to Mastery according to Brian Buffini:

  • Instruction:  Find a mentor who can provide guidance.
  • Practice:  Not something you do, it’s something you are.
  • Surrender:  We are often too afraid of failure or looking foolish, so we resist surrender.  Do it for 90 days and see how far you progress. (30 days is perfect for a new wet shaver)
  • Intentionality:  Visualizing success before it happens.
  • The Edge:  Push the limits of higher performance.

In closing, you can be obsessed, addicted or on a path to mastery… either way this is your wet shaving journey.

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