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Wet Shaving for Women

Full disclosure, I am definitely not an expert in this department, however my research tells me that the fundamentals remain the same.  Many women use traditional wet shaving tools and products on their legs and underarms to achieve a perfect shave.   This can be done with either a Double Edge Safety Razor (DE Razor) or a Straight Razor.

When did women start shaving their underarms and legs?  According to Wikipedia this practice has developed since the early 20th century, around the time of the First World War, as hemlines on women’s dresses became shorter and women’s swimsuits became more revealing, displaying all of a woman’s legs.  Other sources claim that a nylon shortage for pantyhose helped instigate this aesthetic grooming trend.

One of the greatest benefits of traditional wet shaving is the cost savings.  Double Edge blades can cost as little as .15 cents per blade when purchased in bulk and one blade should last you for about 2-7 shaves depending on the brand.  Let’s face it, there is a lot of surface area on ones legs, so anything you can do to save a bit of cash on blades is always appreciated.


Wet Shaving for Women, Tips for the perfect at home shave by Shave Valet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

😱It’s way less scary than I thought
🔪I’ve never cut myself, not even a nick
It only adds 5 extra minutes to my shave
✔️Better than clunky soap-encased cartridges to shave around ankles
🚽No clogged cartridges
🙅🏻‍♀️No Pink Tax
👶🏻Softer smoother skin because of the brush exfoliation
♻️Blades are Recyclable


PREPARE:  Wet shaving is always best done after a shower or bath. Use soap or a cleanser to clean and prepare the skin and hair to be shaved.

SIT DOWN:  It’s always best to be sitting down in a bathtub.

BRUSH AND LATHER:  Ideally you will want to use a shave brush and a proper shave soap or cream to build a nice lather. Lather provides the slickness, cushion and protection from the blade.

GO SLOW:  It is really important to be controlled, tactile and intentional with your shave. Safety Razors ideally shave at a 30 degree angle, which is maintained by the hand, unlike cartridge razors which have the angle already set up for you. So it is important to go slow and stay focused on the tool. Leg shavers can typically shave against the grain and usually can get away with 1 pass and a bit of touch ups.

STERILIZE:  When shaving any part of the body it’s always a good practice to close off the shave with an astringent. A Potassium Alum stick is the best product for this. To use it, wet your skin with cold water, wet the Alum and rub your Alum on your skin, wait 20-30 seconds and wash it off.  You may feel some stinging, which means it’s working.

HYDRATE:  Now that you are all dry, hydration is important. There are lots of post shave products available including aftershave balms, lotions, waxes, etc. One of the best products for really smooth and soft legs is coconut oil.

Here is a great video by Razor Emporium entitled Beginner How To: Wet Shave DE Straight Razor Shaving for Women.  I thought it would be best to share this video, rather than create my own… You’re Welcome!  This video shows you how to use a Double Edge Safety Razor (DE Razor) as well as a Straight Razor for shaving your legs.


Wet shaving with a safety razor does take more time than using a cartridge safety razor. You have to be focused and intentional to ensure great results. This time is completely worth it, as people often find they appreciate the shave, transforming it from a chore to something they now love. If you use a proper shave soap or cream, shave brush, safety razor, Alum and coconut oil to finish, you will notice your legs will be extremely soft and smooth, unlike anything you have ever experienced before! Remember you too can achieve the perfect shave with the right preparation, tools and techniques. Click here to download our 7 Steps to a Great Shave PDF.

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