Are you looking for the best Wet Shaving Supplies or Beard Oil in Saskatoon? I carry a small inventory of traditional wet shaving supplies, serving Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Area. I don’t have a store, I do it old school (person to person), so if you need something give me a shout. I provide Free Delivery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for orders over $20.00.


If you are looking for some Fancy Shaving Supplies, look no further. I carry awesome brands like Merkur, Rockwell Razors, Parker Safety Razor, Martin de Candre, Castle Forbes Shave Cream, RazoRock, Henri et Victoria, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Omega, Italian Barber, D.R. Harris & CO, The Copper Hat Shave Soap, Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS), Knightsbridge Shaving Cream, Vie-Long Shave Brushes, Vulfix, Astra, Feather, Derby, Lord, Treet, Gillette, Voskhod, Shark Safety Razor Blades, Schaf Skincare,  and Mammoth Beard Co Beard Oils.